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How to Bet on Boxing

The sport of boxing has seen another surge of interest in recent decades. While many people have become new fans of the technically and physically demanding sport, there has also been a significant increase in boxing betting. However, not everyone understands how to bet on boxing more profitably and more interestingly. Boxing betting is a highly entertaining activity that also provides players with the opportunity to make money on understanding the sport, taking advantage of certain features when evaluating their opponents.

Boxing fight outcomes and terminology

If in soccer everything is clear and simple (the team that scores more goals in the gates of the opponent wins), in boxing there are several options under which the victory/loss will be counted for one or another athlete. Therefore, to begin with, let's understand what outcomes of the fight bookmakers offer to bet on in boxing and what terminology is used here.

A boxing match can be finished in different ways:

  • Knockout (KO) - when one fighter goes down and is unable to get up on his own for ten seconds after the knockdown.
  • Technical Knockout (TKO) - the referee stops the fight when one fighter can not continue the fight due to injury (dissection, injury, pain, etc.) caused by a blow or due to the decision of the opponent's corner "throwing in the towel" (means giving up the fight).
  • Tie, decision, on points (D) - the fighter wins on points counted for the fight by three judges.
  • Technical decision (TD) - the outcome of the fight is decided on the points after the injury.
  • Disqualification (DISQ) - one fighter is disqualified by the judges.

It is worth noting that the different regulatory bodies - the IBF, WBC, WBA and WBO versions have different interpretations of the admissibility of TD. But in any case, the bet is on the boxer, the victory by knockout, technical knockout or a draw. In addition, there are special offers for more high-profile fights, such as a world title fight.

Boxing betting specials

Just like making any other sports predictions, you need to understand the specifics in order to learn how to bet on boxing. And, of course, a strategy for boxing betting will be needed, but more about that later. Most boxing fights are standard professional bouts (10 three-minute rounds) or title fights (12 three-minute rounds). The exception is Olympic boxing (3 three-minute rounds).

Doing research on the world of boxing is a key factor in learning how to bet on boxing. Due to the different weight classes, boxing styles, and anthropometry, it is important to know what each fighter is like. It is necessary to research each fighter's style of defense and attack. If a boxer moves up in weight class or moves down to another weight class, that alone can tell you a lot.

In boxing, recent performances weigh much less than other factors in determining the winner of a fight - just because a boxer has a great record doesn't mean he's a perfect fighter. Conversely, even if a boxer loses a lot, it doesn't mean he should be written off. A good source of information is an indicator of how boxers perform against a comparable opponent. Using results against opponents with similar styles, how they use their strengths and weaknesses will give you an idea of how two fighters will fare against each other.

Types of MMA betting

Most betting companies have the following markets for betting on a UFC or other mixed martial arts fight in their spreadsheets:

  • On the winner of the fight;
  • On the victory in a particular round. If a fighter refused to continue the fight in the break between rounds or immediately after the gong is struck, it is considered that the opponent won in the last round held.

Early Victory (KO/TKO/DQ):

  • KO - Knockout.
  • TKO - technical knockout.
  • DQ - disqualification of a fighter in case of deliberate systematic violation of the rules, blows to the back of the head or below the belt.
  • Also the notion of an early victory in mixed martial arts includes the surrender of the opponent, winning by painful or suffocating holds;
  • The duration of the fight or the interval in which the fight will end;
  • Exact outcome - it is necessary to predict how the mixed martial arts fight will end: by knockout, technical knockout, disqualification, decision of the judges on points, etc.

A rare outcome of the fight is a draw by a majority decision of judges or separate opinions. In such cases, bookmakers calculate bets at odds of 1.00.

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