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Live Betting During the Match at Betfarm Nigeria

Betfarm bets can be placed in two modes: the first one is called premature - then the bet is placed before the sporting event. The second one is called "live" - then the bet is placed directly during the sporting event. This is exactly what is called live betting.

From year to year, sports stands are becoming more and more popular, also thanks to the development of technology and the spread of mobile Internet. Players are attracted to this betting variant for several reasons. Firstly, it allows you to feel some kind of involvement in the event, and secondly, it adds excitement while watching the match, and thirdly, in this case, you don't have to wait long when the bet is calculated: the result of the forecast becomes known as soon as possible during the game.

It is considered that one of the reasons for the popularity of live betting is the higher probability of correct forecasting, because in this case it is possible to observe the teams/players on an ongoing basis, which allows for a more accurate analysis of their current form and inclusion in the forecast.

The ability to correctly assess what is happening on the pitch/on the ground during the match can give the player an additional advantage over a bookmaker who will not be bet on in the pre-match mode.

For example, after watching a part of the game time, you can make up your mind about the game, the mood of your opponents and the likely outcome. And this opinion will not always be the same as the opinion you gave before the match.

Is the odds for one favorite too low before the match? After a short period of time from the start of the game, it can increase significantly. This is especially true for total betting - after the start of a match the total odds usually increase.

When placing a bet before the start of an event, the player places a bet on a line that has been worked on by analysts and various specialist programs. At the same time the live betting player competes directly with the Betfarm employee who is leading the match and setting the odds. Feel the difference.

What Kind of Bets the Live Betting Line Offers

You can bet on almost all sports that exist in today's world, from classic football to cybersports. The width of the live line depends only on the bookmaker company.

Just like pre-match betting, a live line offers betting options for winning a player or team, a tie (if any), the number of goals scored or points scored, as well as many other specific bets that are intrinsically linked to the sport chosen by the player.

How Do Live Odds Change?

Only in a live line the odds for a favorite player to win a match can suddenly become higher than for an outsider or vice versa. This can be caused not only by a goal scored (e.g. in soccer) but also by injuries, weather conditions and overall team condition. The betting analysts also monitor what is happening and immediately react to any changes that may affect this or that result. Betting lovers do not always agree with the fidelity of these betting results and in some cases it gives the opportunity to "catch" more attractive quotes on the chosen result than they were in the pre-match line.

Additional Features of Live Betting

Betfarm tries to attract players by creating additional features. Innovations and live contributions have not been overlooked. Thus, Betfarm's website has added the ability to follow what is happening on the pitch online in many live sports events: somewhere for this purpose, using a live broadcast of the match, somewhere everything is displayed in infographics. In addition, additional "live" betting opportunities include the presence of statistical facts, personal match history, tournament table etc. on the site.

Tips for Live Betting

  • One of the most dangerous mistakes in online sports betting - focus only on the low ratio, i.e. the temporary favorite of the match. As mentioned above, during the game the result can be changed several times in the same or different direction.

  • Very often players like to bet on their current account in the hope that nothing will happen in the remaining time. This is a big mistake that can lead to losses. Under no circumstances should you play va-bank in the hope that the winner is clean and nothing happens in the remaining time.

  • Every sport has its own specific characteristics and you have to get to them before you start playing bets. For example, there are many differences between male and female tennis. If in male tennis the duels are more or less stable, in female tennis the results can be simply colossal: A player can lead 5:0 and eventually lose 5:7. In male tennis this also happens, but much less often. There are many such features and they should not be omitted.

A sporting event is a dynamic phenomenon, often with an intricate plot, in which the "expected" result can change many times. Sometimes such changes take place in a relatively short period of time.

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